Research Questions (more to come!)

Question: Where can further information describing EA Olmsted’s Mentioned in Despatches citation be found? (see blog)

Question: Where can pictures of the 13th Field parading in Utrecht on June 6 1945 be found?

Question: What information is available on Fort Churchill and NORAD? (1950-60s onward)



Question: Can families of the People of Interest be located? (see below)

People of Interest

  • General R.F.L. Keller

  • Brigadier Harry Wickwire Foster

  • Lt Col Baird (13th Field, RCA)

  • Lt Col Ostrander (13th Field, RCA)

  • Ross Munro (war correspondent)

  • Charles Lynch (war correspondent)

  • Gunner J. Jefferies (Batman of EA Olmsted)

  • EA Olmsted’s Secretary: Army Benevolent Fund

  • Lt Col Frederick Clifford (13th Field, RCA - CO on D-Day)

  • Lance Bombardier Alf Josephson (KIA April 23 1945)

  • Gunner Donald Mcdonald (KIA April 23 1945)

  • Lieut. William W. Barrett (13th Field, RCA)