Launching the Uncovering Valour Project

The Uncovering Valour Project was launched to unearth and share the personal accounts of Lt. Col. E. A. Olmsted, a Canadian WWII veteran who served with the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division: 9th Infantry Brigade H.Q. & 13th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA).

What started out as a research project on my grandfather in 2015, quickly grew into a more broad initiative. My goal was simply to describe and document my grandfather's story so other members of my family could understand what he did; the risks he took. Through a combination of existing stories and memories, publicly accessible government records and other documents and help from the military research community I am hoping to bring his story back to life - along with the stories of the units and comrades he served with throughout his military career. I have found this project to be incredibly rewarding, as I have gained great insight into my grandfather’s personality despite not being with him any longer.

I hope this website can inspire others to conduct similar research on their relatives and loved ones. Just because someone is no longer with us does not mean their story cannot be uncovered and shared.

Hope to get you involved.

-Geoff Osborne (grandson of Lt. Col. EA Olmsted)